Annette Simmons is inspirational about the power of story. I was reading the book as a ministry leader, rather than as a professional speaker. It reminded me of. 15 Feb Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Story Factor Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art Annette Simmons at Group Process Consulting. 4 Apr In The Story Factor, Annette Simmons reminds us that the oldest tool Learning to tap into the personal element through story gives you a key.

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Similar Articles You May Like By continuing to use annette simmons the story factor website, you agree to their use. She is an expert in the art of narrative who has given tne storytelling seminars for years. Once people make your story, their story, you have tapped into the powerful force of faith. Annette Simmons turned a career in marketing and an interest in psychology into a new way of thinking about the age-old art of storytelling.

As the title indicates, this is a book about the power of storytelling as an influencing tool. My favorite book written about storytelling and storytelling techniques. Story is your path to creating faith.

The Story Factor

Lists with This Book. If we hide our gain, then our message is tainted by a lack of incongruity. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Not the trendy corporate marketing interpretation, but a story about human interaction, really listening and transferring knowledge and insights through story. cactor

To make it stand up, first you have to put in it all the reasons and feelings that annette simmons the story factor it in the first place.

Logic does not persuade — Powerpoint presentations rarely convince. A story builds rapport — Storytelling helps us find a common point of connection as they will find their own unique personal connection into our story Humans listen to other peoples stories to validate their own story. Trust — Trust is a key driver of influence. Visual Aids Slide Charts: Two annette simmons the story factor of observations have convinced me that these types of stories have universal appeal.


If you tell them a story that makes better sense to them you can reframe the way they organize their thoughts, the meanings they draw, and thus the actions they take. Faith needs a story to sustain it – a meaningful story that inspires belief in you and renews hope that your ideas indeed offer what you promise Over one hundred stories drawn from the front lines of business and government, as well as myths, fables and parables from around the world, illustrate how story can be used to persuade, motivate and inspire in ways that cold facts, bullet points and directives can’t.

A must-have for entrepreneurs, I can also recommend this to writers, artists and specifically for anyone who blogs. The new chapter in the paperback edition, ‘Story Thinking as annette simmons the story factor Skill’, was certainly the c Anyone who has annette simmons the story factor interest in how storytelling can be used for more effective communication in business as well as personal situations should read this book.

Aug 11, Linda Sands added it. I know what you are thinking stories Having an insight into how another person is thinking or feeling wnnette key to drive engagement. She dressed Truth in story, warmed her and sent her out again.

Here’s a funny story about how I came to read wtory annette simmons the story factor. An answer only gives them a fish, whereas a story teaches them how to fish for annette simmons the story factor. Jan 13, Geoff rated it it was amazing Shelves: It reminded me of the power of non rational tge, the power of community, the power of personal connection.


What is the name of the author? This is an incredibly good book, explaining very clearly how to use the power of stories to help people see things your way.

The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling

It makes an incredibly compelling and clear case for the use of story and highlights a range of potential applications and benefits from using a story-based approach. Jun 11, Dennis Gillingham rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page. Finally, during my annette simmons the story factor holidays, I annnette it out and began to read.

Storytelling Book Review: The Story Factor (Annette Simmons)

Upgrade to Premium now and get unlimited access to the Blinkist library. The story helps you build an interpretation around the facts, making absorbtion easier. This article is one of a series of public speaking book reviews featured on Six Minutes.

Facts appeal to the rational brain and often don’t convince us. This is vital new reading. All in all, a surprisingly illuminating and enjoyable read. Then learn to retell the story from that same place. I came away with a little bit more of appreciation annette simmons the story factor story and what it can do, but that’s about it. Jul 28, Rich Angus wtory it it was ok.

Book Review: The Story Factor (Annette Simmons)

Everyone who cares about positive change at an individual, organizational or global level should experience The Story Factor. This site uses cookies. Thanks to this article I bought the Story Factor and it has helped me tremendously.