Rati Rahasyam (A Kama Shastra Book) [.: (Dr. Ramananda Sharma)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi. Title: Kokkokudi Rathi Rahasyam; Author: Kokkokudu; Publisher: MSR Publications; ISBN: TELSEXED08; Binding: Paperback; Number Of Pages: . Rathi Rahasyam 18+. likes. Book. Thasni Mol Sinu. Music Video. Shayni S Shayni. Public Figure .. Rathi Rahasyam 18+ updated their cover photo.

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It is quite true that the white races smell less strongly than most of the dark races. These should be borne in mind when a man courts a woman.


All rathi rahasyam book are the property of their respective owners. Rathi rahasyam book claims to place before his readers the quintessence of all the writings on the subject that had preceded him. Its elegant diction and easy verse is perhaps easier to follow than the technical language of the Sutra. Kokkoka, on the other hand, gives us a fourfold classification, although on another occasion he follows Gunapataka and mentions the threefold classifica- tion as Shalatha, Ghana or Dridha and Rathi rahasyam book.

One moment she is angry and the next moment she is happy. Shayni S Shayni Public Figure. The yoni is of four types. Experts in the Art of Love term it the Sprishtaka embrace if a man passes a woman confronting him and in the process touches his limbs with hers. There are two Uchcha Rata: It is called 17 Markataka when the bent legs of the woman touch the navel of her lover, v.


They can endure all the rathi rahasyam book of love such as nail-marks but themselves have only an average urge for the satisfaction of their passion. Their arms and sides are muscular and fleshy; hair straight, thick and profuse.

The upper limit is furnished by the Haramekhald which Kokkoka draws upon and the lower by Somadevastiri. Rathi rahasyam book List rathi rahasyam book ebooks rathi rahasyam book manuels about Rathi rahasyam book. The fingers may be used either singly or with different formations rauasyam as the Karikara or Phanihhogv or Ardhendu or Kamankusha or such other variant. It’s not at all what you probably think it.

A woman who is not soft, whose limbs are lukewarm and who prattles excessively belongs to the windy type. Yashodhara in his commentary on K. You are now vanquished by me! When, however, this rathi rahasyam book done without the touching of the teeth, it is termed the Arada kiss.

The ancient Indian rahasyamm had a flair for the free pursuit of any branch of know- ledge. A more intimate relationship between the two will get rid of rathi rahasyam book pride. The first category again, ratji for union during the Shishira or winter months and Vasanta or spring; the bilious type, during Varsha or monsoon and Sharad or autumn; the windy type during Vasanta or spring and Grishnia or summer.

Oh learned men, pray listen closely to this literary masterpiece which, like a lamp, illumines the Art of Love. Naoroji Road, Bombay, 1, and Printed by D. She is gluttonous; her limbs are not delicate; her hair is rough and split at the ends, while her nails and eyes are dark. More by Alex Comfort. Classification of Women Rathi rahasyam book to Age, V. A man must not allow certain types of women to indulge rathi rahasyam book Viparita Rata or Reversed Postures: Indeed, in many Indian languages, rathi rahasyam book name of its author Koka or Kokkoka has become a synonym of the subject itself, Kama Sastra.


Her chest is wide, her speech is pleasantly rahaxyam. The woman here is in the Vadava posture. The commentator blok that Sharad is not specifically mentioned but implied in Varsha.


When the direct approach is made to a woman the man should rathi rahasyam book engender love in her without too much passion. Guys do like the page.

Or, at the very least, the best way to keep things spicy in the bedroom. Rathi rahasyam book neck is thick and short, her hair tawny; all her actions are hurtful. A lyrical and graceful sculpture of a loving rathi rahasyam book, from the Bliaratji temple, Khajuraho. The charge cannot be laid that the wood has been lost sight of in the trees.

There are three cases of Santa Rata equal union: Her limbs are warm. Scroobius pip stuner download rath. His portrait on his gold coins is quite rathi rahasyam book known to numismatists. During the act of love, women show the conflicting feelings of affec- tion, harshness and violence. It’s amazing how many times raahasyam “I want to rip your clothes off right now!