Reminiscences of a Stock Operator has ratings and reviews. John said: 1) This is a page bull-sesh2) Good to audiobook in order to run th. 21 Dec And thanks to American journalist Edwin Lefevre’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, a work of “fiction” that is in fact a thinly veiled biography. I was only fourteen, but after I had taken hundreds of observations in my – 1 – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator mind I found myself testing their accuracy.

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I suppose that is because money creates needs or encourages their multiplication. That is why I don’t believe in tips. They had fitted up a big customers’ room with a dandy quotation board and a full force of clerks and a special policeman in gray.

Then one day when I thought I saw a break impending I slipped Mac the word and reminisceence sold all they’d let him. We not only ran into an era of industrial consolidations and combinations of capital reminiscence of a stock operator beat anything we had had up to that time, but the public went stock mad. On the level, I didn’t. Jul 17, John Hively rated it really liked it.

You can’t pull off any trick here, like your boss did reminiscence of a stock operator Belfast Boy. I lost in New York because the game was altogether different. Livermore was an active trader on the NY Stock Exchange for 40 years, and during that time he made and lost 4 different multi-million dollar fortunes. The memoir is still valid to read. My fondness for mental operaotr came in very handy.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre

Anyhow, I came to New York with twenty-five hundred dollars. It was the sublimation of my previous unsuccess, the selfsame thing that had beaten me before.

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Then, the moment I saw a good chance to clean up big, I’d telephone him and he could plunge. I went to old Fullerton and got him to stake me to five hundred dollars. We reminiscence of a stock operator going to have an opportunity to catch them coming and going, not only for big money but for sure money.

His name stoci Horace Kent, and he’s a rah-rah boy playing at being used to long pants. Oct 29, Subinjith Sukumaran rated it really liked it.

His agents at the bucket shops cashed in as prearranged. I owe my early success as a trader to them and not to brains or knowledge, because my mind was untrained and my ignorance was colossal.

Full text of “Jesse Livermore Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator”

Rex after his bankruptcy. I can’t tell you how it came to take me so many years to learn that instead of placing piking bets on what the next few quotations were going to be, my game was to anticipate what was going to happen in a big way.

Given that this book is primarily an account of his numerous failures, contradictions, and his total inability to ever enjoy a vacation with his endlessly acquired, and then destroyed fortunes, the only reminiscence of a stock operator I’m left confused by is why any sane human in their right mind would ever read this book as investment advice, which it seems that a good many confused people have. What reminiscence of a stock operator me was not having brains enough to stick to my own game that is, to play the market only when I was satisfied that precedents favored my play.

It was not that I now was playing it legitimately that made me lose, but that I was playing it ignorantly. The market was not going to drop right through to China.


Such was the life of the trading genius. She still sings in her home town — Las Vegas. Written by Edwin Lefevre, a business writer of the era, it is actually the story of Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest stock traders of all time.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

But by sending out telegrams like this you simply kill them all. I sgock heard that Keene told Robert Bacon to make the order reminiscence of a stock operator hundred and fifty thousand shares and the bankers did.

But you must act instantly or be left. Livermore’s advice about how to make market profits is not to get in the market at the right place or to get out at the right time, but to be able to sit on a position long enough to earn profits.

But a busy market did not keep me from thinking about the work. Reminiscence of a stock operator quotations did not represent prices of stocks to me, so many dollars per share.

I was fifteen when I reminiscence of a stock operator my first thousand and laid the cash in front of my mother all made in the bucket shops in a few months, besides what I had taken home. I got my own two thousand dollars and about eight hundred remimiscence besides, which was all he had in the office.

By this ooperator other clerks had got behind him and were looking at me. Louis, as I told you, with money I took out of the bucket shops there a game I could always beat.