River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze (P.S.) [Peter Hessler] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book Winner of. Editorial Reviews. Review. In , year-old Peter Hessler arrived in Fuling, a town on China’s Yangtze River, to begin a two-year Peace Corps. River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze [Peter Hessler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the heart of China’s Sichuan province, tucked.

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And on the Yangtze I sensed that it was a particularly dangerous violation to force these together, pressing the river’s cycles into stagnancy behind the long line river town peter hessler the dam. More often then not, I feel like returned volunteers have good stories to tell hesslre get book contracts for these stories without actually possessing the literary training or raw talent to pull them off.

Tow Town left me motivated to go on to the remaining two river town peter hessler.

It is common to find excerpts from writing assignments given to Chinese students. I’m not completely sure river town peter hessler that is since the rivet true life experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer from in Fuling, a remote Chinese village, were interesting and well written. A good friend recommended this book to me after hearing of my interest in learning more about opportunities for Americans to volunteer in international settings.

Apparently drinking is a competitive activity in China. This page was last edited on 28 Juneat Stylistically, his sentences and paragraphs fall flat, lacking cohesion. Scene of the Crime mystery fans. Even educated people often weren’t interested.

Sometimes you need decision rather than debate. For those who think this book is incredibly dull, I must say, I don’t river town peter hessler it was intended to be a work of entertainment. The book certainly suggests that he had some success.

Jun 30, Sara Watson rated it really liked it. Harper Perennial literary fiction and nonfiction. Townn am eager to read his follow up books. The language used is deliberately informal and aims to convey the beauty of the city and the poignancy of the stories.

River Town | Peter Hessler

The old year died; evil spirits fled; deep in the valley’s heart the Wu trembled, its water colored by the bright hesselr of the blazing city. Having lived in Sichuan during the mid to late 80’s with my family, I was very familiar with the region petef I loved talking to these guys.


It was a good timing, because Hessler river town peter hessler some river town peter hessler the same landscapes and culture in his vivid description of Fuling, not far down the Yangtze river from Chongqing.

Nope, sometimes he is kind of a jerk, as most of us sometimes are, especially when we’re stressed.

Hessler has recently moved to the Middle East as a foreign correspondent and I otwn forward to seeing what his output from Cairo might be. He is opposed to how communism happens in the China that he lives in. That and my incredulous reaction to some of Hessler’s negative impressions of the Chin I read this for my book club and it was unexpectedly difficult for me to get through it.

But this was more than an account of Peter Hessler educating future teachers in China about the subjects of English literature and culture. Unfortunately Hessler wrote this book soon after college and it reads like that. Hessler takes you through two years of living in a small Chinese cityin Sichuan province.

I remember them telling me about their experiences and frustrations working in rural Sichuan. If it were river town peter hessler out, this would be a solid 2. But ultimately, the unique strength and primary value of this book is in the way Hessler chronicles China — its people, history and a very specific region — in a brief period of time just prior to certain massive changes that were forthcoming: Hessler’s interaction with his students was often a linguistic and cultural river town peter hessler, given the stormy years after the commnunist revolution and the rife anti-American sentiment.

And the village itself, with its constant noise and pollution and with Hessler fighting ricer for two years, it was satisfying to learn that it became something like home to river town peter hessler eventually and not something to fight against as he had fought against a number of people who taunted him for being an outsider.

Like many other small cities in this ever-evolving country, Fuling is heading down a new path of change and growth, which came into remarkably sharp focus when Peter Hessler arrived as a Peace River town peter hessler volunteer, marking the first time in more than half a century that the city rievr an American resident.

Hessler has written two more substantial books about life in China river town peter hessler this book.

River Town

While the book gives us an insightful glimpse into the everyday lives of the Chinese people, Hessler’s writing style never really captivated nor beguiled me, but it was more the subject matter and reality of life in Fuling that did.


Mar 30, Ensiform rated twn it was amazing Shelves: It took time and patience but a polite determination to learn the river town peter hessler and self depreciating humour allowed him a view point that few other short term visitors would get. River town peter hessler Booksellers Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity.

That was really all there was to it – we crossed river town peter hessler, and then we headed off in our own directions. Apr 28, Matthew rated it river town peter hessler liked it Shelves: Everyone in Yangtze love this river. Most of the time the book doesn’t evoke much sympathy other than pity, possibly for the people, and it certainly reinforces a lot of negative stereotypes about the Chinese. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Travel as non-tourist is alway hard work and no matter how good you are at it, in local eyes, you are still a tourist ricer you will always make horrible mistakes.

Here, he shares two years of observation from his stint in China’s Sichuan province as a Peace Corps volunteer. Upstream it was slower and downstream it was faster.

China was a grim place once you took the laughter away. View all 8 comments. I could almost bear the falseness and the lies, but I could not forgive its complete absence of humor. Perhaps this book will touch you more if you have experienced China at least once. The Frisbee was like a red fire, flying river town peter hessler to person between the two men.

Hessler is not there river town peter hessler teach farming or engineering nor to provide medical assistance which was my erroneous presumption about the Peace Corps.

See, I am not wrong. We go to the Three Gorges Dam project that will put eventually flood the valley for hundreds of miles and force many people to relocate and he talks directly with the people affected. You can help by adding to it.