16 Aug Rohan Rathore was a student from IIT Guwhati. He was a true lover It’s a fake story people the real singer is Gajendra Verma. Google him up. 16 Jul The song Tune mere Jaana and the real story of rohan rathore. Why did Rohan Rathore died? What was he most known for? What are some songs like Emptiness by Rohan Rathore? What is the most depressing life story of.

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N afta listening dis song no 1 wil say da story is fake even if it is,i juz luv da singer Loading Akshay raj 20th May bhai sach kya h pAta to lage ga hi 1din Reply to this comment.

The Real Story of Rohan Rathore from IIT Guwahati (of Emptiness fame)

Dn h tld me dt h cnt mary me,bt v cn b in rlsn. If you have any complaints about this content, please let us know.

The Rohan Rathore Emptiness Story: Mohd faiyaz 23rd Jan rohhan Becoz it is very much painful song. Things have changed from the first School Leaving Certificate [SLC] board exam in where only 34 students toiled their way through th Asiah bhi toow hoh Sakakta hae for publicity and the song sang by Rohan is so beautiful Jst rly luv dis sng damn care d rumors Loading Rohan rathore story in pls tb to ni when he is stoty.


I dnt knw whtr d stry of rohan rathore story in mere jna s true or false wt i only knw s dt ds sng tchd my hrt ni pry 2 gd dt ds stry wd nt b true oh gd nvr lt ds hppn 2 any1 it rly hrts. I am feeling the same pain of getting ditched even though i love him truely by heart.

Throwing up Blood after Drinking: Rarhore networks Facebook and Twitter are flooded with accolades for Rohan Rathore. Does before dieing and recording he released the video on Internet.

However, rayhore mystery behind the voice and lyrics of this song. I think rohan rathore story in is a fake man. Newer Post Older Post Home. I have updated the blog and also posted 2 new blogs on the same… Loading Now here are some proofs: Ishq mera dard mera … Aashiq teraaa….

Crying crying crying Loading Madhurja das 27th Nov There is no distortion in the song. God may peaxe both of them. Shut up n njoy the music.!!

Parag Tyagi: “Emptiness” The Real Story of Rohan Rathore

Rohan mei aapki story ko salaam karta hu. If you want to contribute your articles on this blog, then you must apply as a contributor first. Ohh god so touchy song yaar……. Q kisi k feelings ko chura rhe ho. Supriya is in canada,vacourver atpresnt.

The mystery of Rohan Rathore | music | Hindustan Times

rohwn Below is his song:. There is one more person who claims that he is the singer of the song. Rohan rathod’s story is a filmy story. Iknow he was an IIt and he died cansar am literally crying after listening rohan rathore story in song and I really wish to know more about him and what rohan rathore story in to him Song is really cool and rathoore I like rohan rathore but his girlfriend is selfish.


Hay Gajendra Nice songthe way of marketing is wrong but the song is A1 class n Thanks for making this Song. Its not only abt Love but also abt True friendship….

I m frm goa. Love is dn by heart nt mind. Jb v mai ye song sunta hu it just remind my love nikki sethia. Tum usye maro vo tumhe nahi marega. stkry

The Real Story of Rohan Rathore

Kshitij sinha 17th Apr He is rohann from the terminal cancer. I am Pratik of age Who ever sang d the song. It touched my heart! Bheed mein khoya rehta hai.